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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Miyagi Max puts 5 players on the National Wheelchair Basketball team

The road to national prominence is rocky. Even after achieving the top level and getting five members placed on the Japan National Wheelchair Basketball team, finances are a problem. When international travel is involved, costs mount. And there's only so much individuals can take upon themselves.

Looking back.

Miyagi Max was organized in 1988, and took the name Miyagi Max in 1996. The goal, win a national championship. The steps toward that goal were first the Sendai city championships, then the Miyagi Prefecture tournament. After that, the nationals.

In 1999, Miyagi Max won the Japan Tournament (not the nationals) and player Masatetsu Sato garnered the MVP award.

In 2001, the team took 3rd place in the nationals.

Finally, in 2008 and 2009, Miyagi Max won the Japan Nationals!!

And now, in 2010, five Miyagi Max players have been selected for the Japan National Wheelchair Basketball team.


Look for details at the Miyagi Max site, although the English part has not been updated lately.

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