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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Busy day on Friday

Yama-chan of Manatees Diving and I met with the CEO of Nozomi Securities for lunch. CEO Itsuki Toyama is also a para-diver. His company does a great deal to boost the community and to help preserve Japanese culture. Specifically, Nozomi provides a venue for young rakugo traditional comics so they will be able to perform before live audiences and hone their skills.

Nozomi Securities has a history of very nearly a century, and is one of Japan's conservative yet profitable securities companies. CEO Toyama began as a trader and recently celebrated his 60th birthday. It was a pleasure to meet him. Thanks Yama-chan.

Five in the evening saw Yama-chan and I at the Roppongi Midtown complex. Underwater photographer Ikuo Nakamura's photos are on display for a month there and are well worth a trip to Roppongi to view. Photos were forbidden, but what do we have cellphone cameras for anyway. Although I did not count, I imagine upwards to 100 people were at the kickoff, including many from the media and a number of well-known personalities.

Author Makoto Shina toasts photographer Ikuo Nakamura.

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