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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mami Sato contributes to new sports book

Iwanami Junior just launched a new book (in Japanese) called Introduction to Sports Development. Several high-ranking athletes contributed to the book, which was edited by Shu Takamine. Mami wrote the chapter on Paralympics and the process of becoming a top-level para-athlete. She says she was somewhat reticent about doing the chapter, especially in a book for kids, but with encouragement from the publisher, feels she did a decent job. The book shows young athlete wanabes what kind of dedication and effort is needed to become a top-level player, whatever sport they choose to compete in.

This is Mami's second "book." Her first one details her life from her cheerleading days at Waseda University through losing her leg below the knee to bone cancer to discovering para-athletics to long jumping to a Japan record and competing in two paralympics so far. This inspiring tale should really be put into English, but at the moment, it's only at the idea stage.

Strong athletes like Mami Sato are an inspiration to us all.

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